A Discussion on whether One’s Ethnic Identity Requires Adopting a Certain Political or Ideological Outlook – Free Event


Thursday, Sep. 10, 2020, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


We have an interesting discussion in light of the election season heating up.  Natalie Klayashtorny and Felix Felin will moderate a discussion between four passionate individuals who will discuss how their racial/religious identities intersect with their political/ideological ones.  The event will feature two African Americans (one conservative and one liberal) and two Jews (one conservative and one liberal).  All four are accomplished individuals who are outspoken about the political and ideological viewpoints and all four are friends through Facebook.  They engage each other as well as others both passionately and civilly online.

The conversation will explore a variety of perspectives on an election season-related topic: Must One’s Ethnic Identity Require Adopting a Certain Political or Ideological Outlook?

Our current major party Presidential candidates made some waves by linking identity to one’s vote in November.  Democratic Party nominee and former Vice-President Joseph Biden generated some controversy back in May when he joked that African Americans who didn’t support him for President “ain’t black.” Republican nominee President Donald Trump sparked controversy a year ago when he stated that “any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat . . . [show] either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

How accurate are those statements? We know that the majority of African Americans and Jews statistically vote for Democrats.  We also know that there has been a push to highlight black Republicans, as well as an emphasis on the seemingly growing partisan divide on support for Israel (80% of U.S. Jews are pro-Israel, even as more than half had some criticism of Israeli policy).


Endre Jarraux Walls – An award winning Chief Information Security Officer and a recently recognized top 40 under 40 leader in the Greater Philadelphia region.  He is an accomplished speaker, technologist, and security practitioner.

Joel Farber – A Northeast Philadelphia resident, he was raised in a religiously conservative Jewish household and a politically Democratic household.  However, he moved right on the political spectrum and worked elections numerous years as a committee person.  He also joined a reform synagogue.  He has worked in sales and sales management.

Milo Morris – A Business Development Specialist by trade with 30+ years of corporate experience in marketing and technology.  He also serves as a Coordinator for the Bucks County Republican Committee.  He is also a professional opera singer.  He has been interviewed on various media outlets regarding his Republican views.

Eric Kreitzer – A lifelong New Yorker, he was raised in a secular Jewish household.  He works in the software industry and tends to hold non-partisan, left-of-center views on most political issues.  He is passionate about social justice issues and a fan of post-modern jazz.


This is a Free event.


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